Innovative training in methods for future data

Training Programme

The fellows will take part in a joint training programme that will consist of five modules, each comprising 4 to 6 topics (some of which will involve a written or oral assignment). Training may be combined with the annual network meetings. Details of the network training events can be found at the bottom of the page.



Training structure of the network:
Blue (dark) areas are network wide training modules mandatory for all ESRs.
Green (light) areas are individual projects.
Skills comprise complementary skills, personal development, commerce and entrepreneurship.
ESR 1 to 4 will have their projects in wetlab, and ESR 5 to 11 will be in data science.



Module 1: Wet lab

Topics include:
W1 Glycoproteome measurements
W2 Genomics and epigenetics measurements
W3 Data pre-processing methods
W4 Lectures on current developments

Module 2: Biology and Epidemiology

Topics include:
E1 Introduction to systems medicine of ageing
E2 Introduction to epigenetics
E3 Introduction to glycobiology
E4 Lectures in current developments

Module 3: Data Science

Topics include:
S1 Experimental Design and basic statistics
S2 Regression analysis
S3 Missing data
S4 Feature selection and prediction
S5 Programming R and python
S6 Network analysis
S7 Lectures on current developments

Module 4: Complementary skills and personal development

Topics include:
G1.1 Scientific integrity, data and analysis stewardship
G1.2 Scientific writing and presentations
G1.3 Effective Researcher: team communication, working at a distance, time and project management
G1.4 Thinking Interdisciplinary research, Gender Dimension in research
G1.5 Public engagement, Dissemination to the general public, Social media
G1.6 Career planning and Grant Writing

Module 5: Commerce and entrepreneurship

Topics include:
G2.1 Technology transfer, valorisation, spin-off
G2.2 Intellectual property rights
G2.3 Collaborations between Academia and private sector
G2.4 Starting your own business: DOs and DON’Ts


Main network training events and conferences:

Event Lead institution Projected month / Actual dates
Kick-off meeting B1 – UnivLeeds 28 June 2017
Network meeting and training B7 – Genos 26-28 March 2018
Team building and training meeting B1 – UnivLeeds 8-12 October 2018
Network and training meeting B4 – Edinburgh 25-28 March 2019
Network and training meeting B2 – LUMC 17-19 February 2020
Ageing workshop and training B3 – UNIBO 42
International conference B1 – UnivLeeds 47
End of project meeting B1 – UnivLeeds 48