Innovative training in methods for future data

Training and team building meeting 8-12 October 2018

Venue: MALL, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

This was a training meeting for the fellows that consisted of scientific modules on epigenetics, genetics of ageing, and statistics. There were also team building sessions to improve complementary skills and personal development, and these were given by the Organisational Development and Professional Learning Department at Leeds.  The meeting was also attended by PhD students based at the University of Leeds.

The week allowed the fellows to get to know each other better and find out more about their research projects.  There was also a dedicated ESR forum meeting where fellows were able to discuss any issues.


Monday 8 October
11.00-11.30 – Welcome, Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat
11.30-12.30 – Introduction to epigenetics, Frances Williams
12.30-13.30 – Genetics of complex traits: genetics of human longevity as a case, Paolo Garagnini
13.30-14.30 – Lunch
14.30-15.30 – Ecological dynamics for the study of the genetics of aging and age-related diseases, Cristina Guiliani
15.30-19.00 – Regression analysis (for network members only), Arief Gusnanto

Tuesday 9 October
09.30-11.00 – Effective Researcher 1: Team communication, working at a distance (for network members only), Jenny Rivas Perez
11.00-11.30 – Break
11.30-13.00 – Effective Researcher 2: Time and project management (for network members only), Jenny Rivas Perez
13.00-14.00 – Lunch
14.00-15.00 – Presentations: Plenary on what makes a good presentation (for network members only), Jenny Rivas Perez
15.00-18.00 – Presentations: Further development of talks, practice and 1-1 feedback (for network members only), Jenny Rivas Perez

Wednesday 10 October
09.00-10.30 – Scientific writing (for network members only), Jenny Rivas Perez
10.30-11.00 – Break
11.00-13.30 – Presentations: 10 minute presentations and feedback for each ESR, Cristina Giuliani, Arief Gusnanto, Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Jenny Rivas Perez, Hae-Won Uh
13.30-14.30 – Lunch
14.30 – Afternoon off for social activity

Thursday 11 October
10.00-11.00 – IMforFUTURE topics (for network members only), Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Arief Gusnanto
11.00-12.30 – ESR forum meeting (for network members only)
12.30-13.30 – Lunch
13.30-17.00 – Genomics and epigenetics measurements, Aleksandar Vojta
18.30 – Meeting dinner

Friday 12 October
09.30-13.00 – Podcasting (for network members only), Jenny Rivas Perez
13.00-14.00 – Lunch / finish