Public engagement activities

Communication of IMforFUTURE and its obtained results to the general public has a high priority within the network. The network will use many means to communicate the project to a broad audience, which will include creating public awareness of the need for and the importance of omics research in general.

Activities that have been carried out by the ESRs includes the following:

  • Impact of working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown:
    Four ESRs wrote (in September 2020) about their experiences of working from home during the lockdown.
  • European Researchers Night:
    This activity takes place annually, and several ESRs were involved in activities on 27 September 2019 in Bologna and Sarajevo, with the aim of bringing their research to the public and also encouraging young people to pursue research careers.
  • Public engagement in Croatia, 16-18 June 2019:
    The ESRs participated in activities that included giving a workshop to local schoolchildren, delivering a talk to students at the University of Split, and speaking to the general public.  The activities were related to the popularization of science by promoting awareness about the impact of environmental and other factors on ageing.    The ESRs disseminated their work with IMforFUTURE, and also talked about the multidisciplinary nature of their research.
  • Each ESR also has their own page on the network website where they will disseminate results of their research projects to the general public.
  • Social media – information is also disseminated on the network LinkedIn and Twitter pages.