The following posters were presented during the poster session on Monday afternoon when each presenter was available to answer questions and describe their research in more details.

Congratulations to Sonia Dembowska who was awarded the prize for best poster!

  • Jacob Cancino-Romero, University of Leeds
    “Prediction accuracy and variable selection for joint models of longitudinal and time-to-event data with application to the CARE75+ study”
  • Sonia Dembowska, University of Leeds
    “Multivariate Functional Partial Least Squares models for longitudinal OMICS datasets”
  • Annah Muli, University of Leeds
    “Use of semiparametric frailty model in analysis of survival data in twins”
  • Tamás Pongrácz, Leiden University Medical Center
    “Immunoglobulin G1 Fc glycosylation as a potential early inflammation marker in COVID-19”
  • Md Shafiqur Rahman, King’s College London
    “Bisecting N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) enriched IgG N-glycans are associated with chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain”
  • Samira Smajlović, University of Zagreb
    “Modulation of the HNF1A and FOXA2 genes, using CRISPR/dCas9 molecular tools, in studies of their role in glucose stimulated insulin secretion”
  • Maarten van Schaik, University of Leeds
    “Modelling high dimensional count data using random effects”
  • Minzhen Xie, University of Leeds
    “Non-parametric clustering of longitudinal functional data with application to NMR spectra of 18 kidney transplant patients”