Innovative training in methods for future data

Zhujie Gu

I am from China where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I worked five years in the financial industry in Shanghai before I went to the UK and obtained my master’s degree in Actuarial Science (with distinction) in 2018.

I joined IMforFUTURE in June 2018 as ESR 5, working at UMC Utrecht under supervision of Prof. Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat and Dr. Hae-Won Uh. My research focuses on developing statistical methods for integration of multiple omics datasets. Complex phenotypes like cancer or aging emerge from interactions between multiple components of biological systems, thus could not be explained well by only one functional level. Our aim is to develop methods which can handle the high-dimensionality, heterogeneity, and difficulty of interpretation in integration of multiple omics datasets. It will help us extract more useful information by analyzing omics datasets from different functional levels simultaneously, and finally contribute to better understanding of the biological systems behind complex phenotypes.