Innovative training in methods for future data

Azra Frkatović

I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina where I received my BSc in Genetics at International Burch University in Sarajevo in 2015. I obtained my MSc degree in Genetics at the same university in 2017.  While working on my master thesis, I had an opportunity to collaborate with professor from Faculty of dental sciences at the University of Sarajevo and work on analysis of gene expression in human periapical inflammatory lesions at the same time looking for potential biomarkers for differentiation of different types of lesions.

I am IMForFUTURE ESR 4 working under the supervision of professor Gordan Lauc at Genos Ltd., private-owned company specializing in the field of glycobiology. The main goal of my research is to study complex genetics of protein glycosylation, more precisely IgG glycosylation. This includes development of methods for combining multiple omics data, studying effects of gene-gene interaction and analysis of newly generated glycomics datasets. At the moment I am running GWAS on newly derived glycomic traits which will give us insights in different ways in which integration of glycomics and genetics data can be used to improve biomarker potential of glycans and also to deepen our knowledge about complex genetics of IgG glycosylation. This work also provides a basis for future analyses of effects of gene-gene interactions in the complex pathway of protein glycosylation.