Innovative training in methods for future data

Anna Carbó Meix

Anna is a PhD student at the University of Bologna at the Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Speciality Medicine (DIMES) under the supervision of Paolo Garagnani. She performed her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Barcelona while the Bachelor’s thesis was completed at the University of Tübingen, and her Master’s degree in Neurosciences was also conducted at the University of Barcelona.

Anna investigates the mechanisms of pathology that characterise ageing, focusing on the chronic, low-grade, sterile inflammatory status, termed inflamm-ageing, in different scientific fields: genetics, epigenetics, glycomics and microbiomics. She is interested in understanding how the interplay of different biological molecules can contribute to the pathological mechanisms of ageing and age-related diseases. In particular, she is studying two biological models, centenarians and type 2 diabetes mellitus individuals: the formers constitute a paradigm of healthy aging (because they have reached the extreme limit of human life, escaping or postponing major age-related diseases) while the latters present a multifactorial metabolic disorder with an important genetic component. To gain insights in the process of ageing, she combines genetic data – that is constant over time – and other omics data. Currently, she is integrating glycans – that change over time and with different environmental conditions – and genetics data from a cohort of diabetic patients of the center of Italy, with the ultimate goal of identifying new biomarkers of disease.