R course on omics integration

This three-hour short course is aimed at researchers who want to learn how to jointly analyse two omics datasets and interpret the results. We will be using the “OmicsPLS” R package with real data examples.

The course consists of two parts. The first two-hour session is a mix of theory and practice. You will be introduced to the basics of data integration approaches and their sparse variants. We will also discuss how to incorporate external biological knowledge. You will practice with these approaches using OmicsPLS and try out different visualisation tools to interpret the results.

The second one-hour breakout session will be hands-on where you apply what you’ve learned to two omics datasets.

There will be a brief rejoinder at the end of the session.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of data integration methods (PLS, O2PLS, GO2PLS)
  • Understand how feature selection works
  • Know how to incorporate external biological information
  • Implement O2PLS/GO2PLS on your own data with “OmicsPLS” R package
  • Interpret and visualise O2PLS/GO2PLS results