Innovative training in methods for future data

Network meeting 25-28 March 2019

This was the second annual network meeting and involved a research day (where some of the ESRs gave presentations on their research projects), ESR forum meeting, and research and network collaborations.  There was also training for the fellows which was attended by external participants.

On Tuesday there was a mid-term review meeting with the EU project officer (Elisa Failla) and external reviewer (Rafael Lahoz-Beltra) – this provided an update on all the scientific, training, management and networking aspects of the project. During the meeting, the partners introduced themselves, the coordinator presented the progress of the first half of the project, and each fellow gave a presentation describing their background, research project (objectives, methodology and main results), and future work. The EU project officer and reviewer also met with the fellows privately.   The day went well and the project officer and reviewer were enthusiastic.

Venue: MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road, Edinburgh EH4 2XU


Monday 25 March     Research Day

08.30–09.30  Supervisory board meeting
10.00–13.30  ESR research presentations:

10.00-11.20: Work package 1, Chair Noortje de Haan

  • Tamás Pongrácz – High-throughput glycoproteomic analysis – our results achieved hitherto
  • Frania Zuñiga Bañuelos – In-depth N-glycoproteomic analysis of human blood plasma proteins
  • Samira Smajlović – Effect of HNF1A gene methylation on aberrant protein glycosylation associated to diabetes
  • Azra Frkatović – IgG N-glycome GWAS: Integrating different platforms for meta analysis

11.50 – 12.50: Work package 2, Chair Gastone Castellani

  • Iva Budimir – Stochastic modelling of long-tailed distribution for multi-omic data analytics
  • Maarten van Schaik – Random effect models for microbiome data
  • Md Shafiqur Rahman – Genetics of chronic widespread pain

12.50–13.30  Discussions
13.30–14.30  Lunch
14.30–17.30  Research discussions and collaborations, Chair Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat
17.30–18.00  Feedback from Scientific Advisory Board

Tuesday 26 March    

09.00–17.30  Mid-term review meeting with EU project officer
18.30–  Meeting dinner

Wednesday 27 March          

09.30–11.00  ESR forum meeting
11.00–11.30  Break
11.30–13.00  Network analysis, Gastone Castellani
13.00–14.00  Lunch
14.00–15.00  Missing data, Hae-Won Uh
15.00–16.00  Network collaboration
16.00–16.30  Break
16.30–17.30  Dissemination

Thursday 28 March  

09.30–11.00  Thinking interdisciplinary, Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Arief Gusnanto, Catalina Vallejos
11.00–  Finish