Modern Statistics for Interdisciplinary Omics and Big Data

The end of the IMforFUTURE project was celebrated with a final workshop focused on mathematical and statistical methodologies applied to omics research. This workshop was held online, from the 28th to the 30th of June 2021.

The workshop was a joint event of the IMforFUTURE network meeting and the Leeds Annual Statistical Research  (LASR) Workshop. There was also be a celebration of Kanti Mardia‘s 85th birthday.

We were pleased to have the following keynote speakers: Cornelia van Duijn, Hongzhe Li, and Janice Scealy.

The workshop also included a short course on omics integration in R and a mindfulness session on Zoom Fatigue.

Congratulations to Ruheyan Nuermaimaiti for winning the poster prize!