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LASR Workshop 2019

LASR (Leeds Annual Statistics Research) Workshop 2019
Big Data: On Time and Space
24-26 June 2019
University of Leeds

Keynote Speakers: P. Diggle (Lancaster, UK), I. Ionita-Laza (Columbia, US), H. Le (Nottingham, UK), M. van der Schaar (Cambridge)

Invited Speakers: J. Beran (Constanz, Germany), R. Gosh (WSL, Switzerland), N. Augustin (Bath, UK), V. Rondeau (Bordeaux, France)

Theme: This year’s conference focuses on modern applied statistics and data analytics, including machine learning, for temporal data analysis and bioinformatics, theory and applications. LASR 2019 will bring together leading experts in the fields of temporal-longitudinal data analysis and bioinformatics.

Contributions: We will welcome a limited number of oral and poster presentations. Please use this tex file to submit your abstract to Georgios Aivaliotis – the deadline is 26 April 2019.

Registration: £100 for Academics and Professionals, £50 for students.

More details to follow.

Organising Committee: J. Houwing-Duistermaat, H. Liu, G. Aivaliotis and K. Mardia.

Contact: Georgios Aivaliotis