Ageing Workshop 8-10 February 2021

Ageing Workshop attendees
This three-day Ageing Workshop took place via Zoom from 8-10 February 2021. The topics of the workshop were Glycomics, Ageing and Glycomics, and Ageing and Omics.

Programme – available here

There were 8 keynote/invited speakers, 9 contributed speakers, and 8 poster presenters. The workshop consisted of presentations, a poster session, discussions, as well as a yoga session and an author workshop given by an editor at Elsevier. On the final day there was a general discussion where participants discussed topics (Omics and ageing; Epidemiology of ageing; Statistical methods and AI for ageing) in breakout rooms, and then these fed into discussions with the panel.

Eight posters were presented during the poster session on Monday afternoon when each presenter was available to answer questions and describe their research in more details. Congratulations to Sonia Dembowska who was awarded the prize for best poster!

More information on the speakers and poster presenters is available here.

The abstract book can be found here.

Keynote speakers:

Keynote speakers at the Ageing Workshop


Workshop Committees

Organising Committee:

Jessica Brennan, University of Leeds
Gastone Castellani, University of Bologna
Azra Frkatović, Genos Ltd
Zhujie Gu, UMC Utrecht
Arief Gusnanto, University of Leeds
Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, University of Leeds
Tamás Pongrácz, Leiden University Medical Centre
Claudia Sala, University of Bologna
Frania Zuñiga Bañuelos, glyXera

Scientific Committee:

Arief Gusnanto, University of Leeds
Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, University of Leeds
Claudia Sala, University of Bologna
Jim Wilson, University of Edinburgh
Manfred Wuhrer, Leiden University Medical Centre

Poster Committee:

Ivo Ugrino, University of Split (chair)
Maria Giulia Bacalini, University of Bologna
Angga Fuady, Leiden University Medical Center