Innovative training in methods for future data


Our new cartoon on the importance of interdisciplinary research is now available:

Like the John and Suzy cartoon, this was made together with the artist Pollie Hogenboom.


EU Research recently spoke to the Project Coordinator, Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, to discuss the IMforFUTURE network. They have published an article on training the next generation of omics researchers and it is now available in the Summer issue (page 16).


Final meeting, 28-30 June 2021

The IMforFUTURE project was celebrated with a final workshop on “Modern Statistics for Interdisciplinary Omics and Big Data”. The workshop focused on mathematical and statistical methodologies applied to omics research, and was held jointly with the Leeds Annual Statistical Research (LASR) Workshop.

This workshop was held online, from 28-30 June 2021, and was very successful with speakers and participants attending from around the world. There were presentations, poster sessions, as well as a short course on comics and a mindfulness session. There was also a celebration of Kanti Mardia’s 85th birthday.

8-10 February 2021: Ageing Workshop

This was a successful and well-attended workshop that took place online with the topics of Glycomics, Ageing and Glycomics, and Ageing and Omics. The workshop consisted of presentations, a poster session, discussions, as well as a yoga session and an author workshop given by an editor at Elsevier. On the final day there was a general discussion where participants discussed ageing topics in breakout rooms.

Impact of Covid-19 lockdown on ESRs

Four ESRs have written about the impact of the lockdown on their professional and personal lives – more information on their experiences can be found in the link above.

Previous News

IMforFUTURE (Innovative training in methods for future data) is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The project is coordinated by the University of Leeds, and will last for 4 years starting from April 2017. Further details of the project. @imforfuture LinkedIn